Christina Embree

Speaker. Minister. Coach. Author.

A Leading Voice in Intergenerational Ministry.

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Meet Christina

Christina is a trailblazer in ministry leadership, renowned speaker, accomplished author, and dedicated coach. Widely recognized as a forefront figure in intergenerational discipleship, she's become a guiding light for faith communities.

Her journey has taken her across the nation, as she passionately addresses audiences on the art of connecting generations within churches and homes.

Christina has enabled us to view our congregation from a different perspective that has served to help us embrace all ages and to purposefully become more inclusive in our disciple-making endeavors

-Pastor Cal

Bridges And Barriers

I am passionate about helping communties bridge the gap between generations. Age segregation in society has been widely researched and shown to have significant impact on our general communal wellbeing. Applying this research to churches has been challenging due to the scope and scale of the work.

That's exactly why I completed my doctoral research in the area of age segregation and spiritual formation. I want to help churches identify the barriers that keep us apart and focus on the bridges that bring us together.

ReFocus Ministry

Christina is the founder and director of ReFocus Ministry, a nonprofit ministry committed to connecting generations at church and at home. Learn more at

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Thank you SO much! Stumbling upon Refocus and this series was such an answer to prayer!!! This intergenerational focus is just what we need to be intentionally addressing as we settle into a new look in our church's life.

-Non-Denominational Church, New Zealand

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